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  • Es ist ein ... Stuntwerk!

    Ich habe bisher auf dieser Seite noch nicht über die futuristische Parkour- und Boulderhalle STUNTWERK in Köln berichtet, diese möchte ich nun, eine Woche vor der Eröffnung nachholen. Unsere Geschichte beginnt mit Read More
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  • top female climbers compared

    Comparison of top female climbers. 2015 overall world cup winner Akiyo Noguchi, World and European champion Juliane Wurm, Alex Puccio, american youngsters Margo Hayes and Megan Mascarenas, Miho Nonaka, Moni Read More
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Dienstag, 19 August 2014 09:15

German Bouldering Team trainings, 2009-2014

My job as head coach of the German Alpine club's Bouldering team has many faces. It includes to facilitate thinking or learning new behaviour and improve physical skills for personal growth and advancement in the demands of bouldering contests. Another aspect is to transfer as much of my knowledge and experience to my climbers. I’m involved in all the aspects of the sport, including physical and mental development and the application of tactics and strategies during the contests. Competitive bouldering is relatively young so common sense on training program design and injury prevention is not yet established. Climbing is mostly a self-taught activity up to a certain age so that some athletes are not used to being coached. We than have to establish a practise of feedback and critique. The athlete perceives a contest from a first person perspective, feeling a slippery hold or fading strength first hand - whereas I have an outside overview - observing body language, comparing the competitors’ different solutions and keeping the judging in check. To bring these two perceptions to match and to keep the communication running so that we both benefit from our different perspectives is the biggest challenge for any coach.
Often I just ask questions and offer opportunities that will challenge my athletes to find answers from within him- or herself.
The four German Bouldering Team trainings, 2009-2014 videos show some of the methods we tried out and experimented with over the last five years.

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Freitag, 27 September 2013 10:44

Sisu Masters 2013

Sisu Masters 2013 is the biggest climbing event ever in Finland. The format is like we did at the "Bronx Rock Invitational" series 2007-2009. Meet the competitors and get a sneek peak at the venue in this very stylish teaser!
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Freitag, 20 September 2013 15:28

adidas RockStars 2013, behind the scenes

Our behind the scenes gallery of the adidas RockStars 2013 in Stuttgart. Stay posted for a video report soon!
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Dienstag, 03 September 2013 09:47

European Bouldering Championships Gallery

Our gallery of the Bouldering European Championships in Eindhoven last weekend. Video & writeup follows soon. For complete results etc., check out the IFSC page as usual.
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Mittwoch, 10 Juli 2013 14:08

BAZ! - Boulderen An Zee 2008, the finals

Finally -they are doing the BAZ! again! Since a lot of things will be changed (as inventor Abel Schooleman describes here) I thought it might be interesting to share my clips about the 2008 event. Enjoy - and see you there!
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Sonntag, 02 September 2012 15:30

adidas RockStars bts slide show

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Klasse Routenbau von Robert Heinrich, Tobi Reichert und Manu Brunn +++ Großes Teilnehmerfeld +++ Beeindruckender Shorti +++ hier unsere Sicht der Dinge (weitere Clips aus München nach dem Break) +++ Bald mehr +++

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Donnerstag, 06 Mai 2010 07:49

Petrohradské PADání 2010

The Petrohradské PADání 2010 again was a wonderful event! Taking place in the newly developed "Mlynsky Vrch" area we also the had the weather gods on our side. Some complained that it was too hot, but this didn't keep Adam Ondra from doing the FA of "Stix, sd", 8B+ and three 8Bs as well as several 8As over the weekend! Also starring two times lead world champion Tomáš Mrázek...

above: Adam Ondra, first ascent of "Stix, sd", read on for our reports of the 2006 and 2009 PADanis...

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