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  • Es ist ein ... Stuntwerk!

    Ich habe bisher auf dieser Seite noch nicht über die futuristische Parkour- und Boulderhalle STUNTWERK in Köln berichtet, diese möchte ich nun, eine Woche vor der Eröffnung nachholen. Unsere Geschichte beginnt mit Read More
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  • top female climbers compared

    Comparison of top female climbers. 2015 overall world cup winner Akiyo Noguchi, World and European champion Juliane Wurm, Alex Puccio, american youngsters Margo Hayes and Megan Mascarenas, Miho Nonaka, Moni Read More
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Freitag, 27 September 2013 10:44

Sisu Masters 2013

Sisu Masters 2013 is the biggest climbing event ever in Finland. The format is like we did at the "Bronx Rock Invitational" series 2007-2009. Meet the competitors and get a sneek peak at the venue in this very stylish teaser!
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Finally -they are doing the BAZ! again! Since a lot of things will be changed (as Abel describes below) I thought it might be interesting to share my clips about the 2008 event. This first part is about how the BAZ! came into existence, the second part is about the actual comp and especially the finals. Enjoy - and see you there!
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Mittwoch, 19 Dezember 2012 18:02

HardMoves Routenbau


Routenbau für die Qualifikation HardMoves 2013 in den Wupperwänden / Wuppertal
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Sonntag, 09 September 2012 14:00

Route Setting at the Boulder World Cup 2010...

... what the competitors think:
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Tonde Katiyo and I will document the route setting of the 2011 Boulder World Cup. Our goal is to raise awareness and ultimately a higher standard of route setting at climbing comps.  For that Tonde has set up a site that allows for all kind of interactivity. Till the site is fully operational you can check out our route setting playlist on YouTube. The Milano BWC was really strenuous for me and I got a little sick after returning home, so I only managed to do some male qualification problems for today. Stay tuned for more tomorrow though and - of course I will be doing those "Boulder World Cup reports" again!
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Yesterday Chloé Graftiaux died in the mountains. Late last night I finished this short clip about route setting during the 2010 Boulder World Cup with interviews of all the top competitors and was struck what a inspiring and spirited person #3 ranked Chloé is when I learned today about her tragic accident. The reason for the video, "route setting" is trivial by now of course, but it gives a glimpse of what a great human being Chloé was. Very sad! 

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