Freitag, 20 September 2013 15:28

adidas RockStars 2013, behind the scenes

Our behind the scenes gallery of the adidas RockStars 2013 in Stuttgart. Stay posted for a video report soon!
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Dienstag, 03 September 2013 09:47

European Bouldering Championships Gallery

Our gallery of the Bouldering European Championships in Eindhoven last weekend. Video & writeup follows soon. For complete results etc., check out the IFSC page as usual.
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Montag, 19 August 2013 17:59

BAZ - Boulders on the Beach 2013

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the Boulder - a Philosophy for Bouldering ist ein extrem lesenswertes Buch, welches man eigentlich jedem Boulderer ans Herz legen möchte! Francis Sanzaro hat einen beeindruckend großen Horizont und beschreibt Bouldern oft im Vergleich zu anderen Aktivitäten von denen er auch Ahnung hat. Er beschreibt sich als "a climber and philosopher who believes that thinking about climbing is good for you and necessary for the sport." Hier ist ein interview mit Francis und hier kannst Du "the Boulder" kaufen.

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Donnerstag, 13 Juni 2013 15:06

Granit Earth

The Boulderer. A rare species of human that survives purely on its ability to perform a delicate dance between life and death in perfect synergy, with granite. Lacking the ability to bathe and engage in non-climbing social settings, the climber is often left with nothing but chalky hands and a deeply engrained quest to find the purest rocks while simultaneously searching for a mate of this grey and white planet.

This is Granite Earth.
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... as seen by the German Bouldering Team!

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Fourth win in a row for Anna Stöhr, first Bouldering gold for Sean McColl.
The Slovenian city of Log Dragomer was the venue of the fourth IFSC Bouldering World Cup competition of the ongoing season. Accompanied by live music and an enthusiastic Slovenian crowd Anna Stöhr and Sean McColl climbed to gold at the Sports Park Log!
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Home win for Anna Stöhr and Jakob Schubert in Kitzbühel!
Last year’s Overall Bouldering World Cup winner Anna Stöhr and reigning Lead world champion Jakob Schubert celebrated an Austrian happy ending in front of their home crowd at the Sports Park Kitzbühel.
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Donnerstag, 02 Mai 2013 07:55

Fred Nicole - Deeper

Bouldering legend Fred Nicole shares his thoughts about his motivation for climbing. He says ”It’s not about the difficulty of a climb, it’s about the entire experience.” After almost 3 decades of climbing, Fred continues to grow his appreciation for nature and how we (as humans) fit into the context of the bigger world around us.
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Anna Stöhr and Kilian Fischhuber are the winners of this second IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Millau, France. Only in the finals Austria's top boulderers racked up their victories in a more than thrilling competition.
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